Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why the negativity? Venting...

I don't understand as a reader/reviewer why people are so negative?? If you don't like a book, who cares? So what? We all have our own tastes and opinions and there is a way to be a positive reinforcer. Yes I've read books I've disliked but do I go on and on and tear the author or writing to shreds over it? No. Why should I? What do I have to gain in that? Writing is hard and these authors put their heart and soul into writing and they put their work out for us to read and hopefully enjoy. I don't understand why people rate a book one star when they haven't read it either? Is it just because they haven't liked the authors previous books? They don't want to see them succeed? "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all." I understand if an author wants an honest review but in my opinion, there is a way to go about it without being hurtful. So that's it I'm done, I was just on goodreads browsing and needed to vent. People can be very cruel.

Happy reading and writing!!
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