Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Review...Juice by:Michele McLoughney

Juice (The O'Malley's #1) 4 stars! Review copy provided by Xpresso Book Tours. I really enjoyed this book, it was a pleasant surprise. When I saw the cover and title I wasn't sure but it is well worth the read. I honestly don't know how the cover and title even pertain to the book. I'm not a fan of faces on covers because I end up picturing the H or h to look like that and other than the tattoos I didn't see Rory like the guy on the cover at all, IMO of course. This is the kind of book that's hard to review without giving away important details so without spoiling I'll do the best I can summing it up.

After a tragic accident on her 21st birthday Cass (h) has lost the one person who she has shared everything with. Three years later still devastated and struggling she tries to focus on her career as an artist/artistic consultant. When she lands the job or commission of a lifetime she doesn't expect to also land the client too.

Rory (H) CEO of O'Malley's resorts has a secret a big one but when he meets Cassidy he decides to keep that secret a little longer. No woman has ever made Rory feel the way he is feeling in her presence and he loves her pure beauty inside and out.

Cass is having fun, she won't let love interfere; she won't love because love breaks your heart and her heart is already broken. But with their sizzling chemistry love hits both of them hard and fast and there is no denying the connection they have.

Rory need to come clean with his secret before it's too late. But will Cass ever forgive his betrayal?

Cass and Rory were great H and h's. I loved Cassidy's attitude a personality, and Rory's passion and bond with his family. Cass's best friend Marie was such an awesome person too and secondary character. There were times I wanted to hug her, she knew how to set Cass straight when she needed it but cheer her on as well.

The author had me in tears towards the end of the book with the letter from Harry that was really heart wrenching to me. Well done. I also loved how both H and h came from good families and were close to them. I read so many books where that isn't the case so it was a nice change. Rory's family was a riot and I truly enjoyed getting a glimpse of them in this book. I am excited to read more about the O'Malley's!

Why I couldn't give it the full 5 stars...The chapters that were labeled either Cass or Rory confused me a bit because it was told in the 3rd person. I am normally partial to 1st person POV but don't mind a narrative 3rd person, the reason it confused me was a chapter with Cass's name and it was Rory's narration. I guess I'm just used to chapters labeling the H and h if it's told from their POV. There was a scene I found particularly funny when Marie and Cass are talking about romance novels and hating certain words or things that pertain to sexual encounters or names off things sexually that grossed them out...well one of mine is pubes or hair in the nether regions mentioned in a book, I don't know why but it bugs me so there is a particular time when this is mentioned. This of course is something silly that just doesn't sit well with me. ;) And lastly as I mentioned before the title and cover...didn't really get it.

All in all a great book, lots of passion, emotion, humor and angst.>>> Jonathan and April UGH! I felt maybe they got off a little too easy.

I would recommend.

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