Friday, November 11, 2016

Review...Spiralling Skywards (Falling) by: Lesley Jones


It only takes one defining moment. 
One look.
 One dance. 
One conversation. 

Sarah knows from the second she meets Liam that their connection is more than just instant attraction. It’s deep, it’s consuming, and has the potential to be the real thing. But true love comes at a price. Fuelled by Liam's past, Sarah's issues, and a messy web of family ties, business partnerships, and exes, the combined forces threaten to snuff out their new found relationship. 

Will that spark be smothered by outside forces? Or will they be carried like smoke from the ashes and sent spiralling skywards? 

Written in Lesley Jones’ usual heartfelt, witty, and emotional voice, this dual point of view story is just the beginning of her Spiralling series.

My review (review copy provided)
4.5 stars!
Lesley Jones gets me every time! She knows how to get me right until the very end. I absolutely love how real her characters are. You don't read too many novels that the people aren't actually perfect. She gives us this all the time, we as readers can relate.

Sarah has grown up without parents, her older brother Luke essentially raised her and as she got older her grandparents eventually took over. She has very negative feelings about her mother and it has translated into her personal life. She doesn't let men get close and doesn't want to feel, until she meets Liam (H) her brothers hot Aussie friend and business partner, she feels more than she wants to.

"You've swept into my country, my town, and my life. You've taken my heart hostage and have hijacked all my thoughts. What more could I possibly give you?"

Liam is in a sticky situation; he is in the process of a divorce with his wife who's in Australia, starting a new business in England and falling hard for Luke's sister Sarah. He has a lot of secrets he's hiding from Sarah but because of her past and insecurities he's afraid to be fully honest.

"I had a wife for fuck's sake-a wife I'd conveniently forgotten to mention to Sarah.

Lesley takes us on a journey of love, friendship and betrayal. She had me laughing and screaming mad. 

"You ever been introduced to someone and you just don't like them from the get go and then everything about them just pisses you off? From the way they stand, to the way sip their beer or crunch the ice from their drink?"

That quote is only at three percent. I love her writing, I love how involved I get with her characters and feel like they are my friends and family by the end. She has just enough angst to get my heart rate up but she resolves it fairly quickly. I also love how well she incorporates music into her scenes, you can tell they are inspirational to that part in the book and it just fits so well. I have to say though my heart rate is up again after reading the teaser for book 2 (Fading). Wow, I can't wait to read it but I'm a little scared. Liam and Sarah have quickly become one of my favorite couples and I'm hoping that maybe Sash and Luke will be too. ;)

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