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Review...So Much More by: Kim Holden

So Much More

Love is strange. It comes out of nowhere. There’s no logic to it. It’s not methodical. It’s not scientific. It’s pure emotion and passion. And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love…and hate.

I’m now a reluctant connoisseur of both—an expert through immersion. I know them intimately.

When I fell in love with Miranda, it was swift and blind. She was the person I’d elevated to mythical status in my head, in my dreams.

Here’s the thing about dreams, they’re smoke.

They’re spun as thoughts until they become something we think we want. Something we think we need.

That was Miranda. She was smoke.

I thought I wanted her. I thought I needed her.

Over time reality crept in and slowly dissected and disemboweled my dreams like a predator, leaving behind a rotting carcass.

Reality can be a fierce bitch.

So can Miranda.

And I can be a fool...

who believes in dreams.

And people.

And love.


My Review:
Five stars!!

Beautiful! I don't think I can even put into the right words my feelings towards this book, but I'm going to try. I have so many beautiful quotes highlighted (that I'm not going to write because you need to read them for yourself). I'm not going to write what the book is about but instead a little about these characters. There was so much development and depth to them that this is what makes the book to me and the story. I think going in blind with the synopsis given is the way to read this one. So, this book was intense, it brought out many emotions within. I was raging and my hatred was very strong. My heart was doing palpitations in my chest. I don't like to use the word hate and I usually am not a hater, I really try to find the good in people but I had a really hard time finding anything good about Miranda, one of the main characters in this book. She is essential to the story and soon I began loving to hate her. She was a great character just very hard for me to understand. I thought at first she was a true sociopath but as we learn more about her we see the little things that make her the person she is.

I mentioned right after I got done reading this book that Seamus was my ultimate hero, his character is so easy to love. He just has this capability to love, to forgive, to fight and such compassion. He was such a beautiful soul. He was a wonderful father, husband, he loved with everything he had and he always seen the best in people, but soon his starts becoming bitter because life threw him a couple giant curve balls. I loved seeing him struggle and not being so "perfect" I loved that realness about him.

Faith, I want to take her home and give her one giant hug. She's struggled throughout her life and has become her name. I said Seamus had a beautiful soul and Faith's soul was just as beautiful with a giant heart to match.

"My heart really likes your heart."

These are just the main characters in the books. The secondary characters are just as good and the children are such wonderful little people. There wasn't a character in the book that didn't have me feeling something at some point.

When I started So Much More the prologue drew me in immediately and I pretty much didn't put it down until the epilogue which was brilliant. This book is a must read. I highly recommend it.

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