Monday, April 18, 2016

Review...Outback Promise by: Maggie Bolitho

Outback Promise

Can Ros and Grady move on from the past, or will their pain drive them apart? Six years ago, the Balfours lost their son Cadel to a hit-and-run driver. A few months ago, Ros discovered Grady's affair. With their marriage fast disintegrating, they decide to take a three-month camping trip into the heart of Australia to try and mend deep wounds and rekindle the fire that once fused them close. This trip will decide the fate of their relationship: do they have enough strength and enough love left to accept what life has put them both through? But trust and forgiveness don't come easily, and Ros and Grady have to navigate not only the wilderness of the Outback and the challenges of other travellers, but also the chasm of grief and bitterness they have sunk into over the last six years. Their only hope for survival lies in facing the secrets they have both tried to keep buried ... 

My Review (Copy provided)
3 stars. 

I can't imagine living this, I think a lot of marriages wouldn't make it after losing a child and then to put infidelity in the mix and financial issues, the percentage of actually having a happy marriage after is few and far between. I think the writer wrote this well. I also think that Grady was extremely selfish. We didn't get into his head though; we only got the book from Ros's perspective so maybe I would've liked him more had I known what he was thinking and feeling.  I didn’t really get that until the end. I was aggravated it took so long for "the talk" and confrontation. I wanted Ros to call Grady out so many times but she just kept letting the time slip by.

I am having a hard time rating and reviewing this book, simply because of the subject itself. When I read I want to escape reality and this book was so totally real that it was hard for me to escape with it.

I thought the writing was good and story was well thought out, it was just too emotional for me. I really think the author nailed it with the intensity and emotion of the characters and for that I applaud her. This had to have been a really hard book to write.

Thank you for providing me a copy.
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