Friday, September 18, 2015

Promo...This is Home by: K.D. Sarks, available now!

Home – A four letter word yet the hardest place for anyone to find. Hadley has been searching for a place to call home for years. Leaving a past she’d rather forget, she walks away from everyone and everything she knows. Just as she starts to think she may have found her place, a fire takes it all away and now she is back to where she began. The one good thing that came out of the fire was… Easton.
Easton has been living his life void of any emotion or liveliness since a tragic accident wiped the only home he has ever known from his life. He can’t see himself being in that vulnerable of a position again – afraid of the heartache he knows all too well of happening.
What happens when two strangers meet and realize that the home they’ve both been searching for is right in front of them? Can they help each other heal from their pasts? Or will fear of being hurt and alone keep them from finding their home?


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