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OUT NOW!! Forever Love by: J. my review!

Today we have J. Lum stopping by with the blog tour for FOREVER LOVE! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Forever Love

Author: J Lum

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Forever Love:

To appreciate the sun, you have to withstand the storm. Free-spirited, poetic Casey Loughlin has had her fair share of rain, and she always manages to see the silver lining. During her teenage years, when she met Toby Cardona, she learned everything she ever needed to learn about love and loss—all in one year. When Toby lost Casey, everything changed for him. The once caring and endearing boy, with dreams and hopes of his own, became the cold, broken, money-hungry man he swore he'd never be. Now, with Casey back in his life, it's up to her to show Toby that the second time around, love can still hurt, but it's worth every painful prick. Will Toby weather the storm, and embrace a second chance, with the woman he’s always loved?  

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My Review (ARC Provided)

4 Stars!

Wow, this was not what I expected! After reading Summer Love I thought things would be different in this book, but OMG it was so not what I thought. Jen keeps you on the edge of your seat through the whole book. It is angsty and sad, and it has you wanting to throw your Kindle.

After book one Toby has completely changed, and the Toby we get in book 2 is completely broken and very unlikable. There were so many times he pissed me off. Casey really shattered him, and even sixteen years later he never recovered. He never found love and never sought it out.

He is cold, withdrawn and broody whereas his brother and best friend are these great supportive and outgoing guys. Which kind of shows you that he's not really as he seems.

Casey is just as broken, never recovered from her parent's accident and never stopped blaming herself. She thought she saved Toby from herself until she comes face to face with him again. And let the angst begin. 

Toby won't have anything to do with Casey, and she just wants to explain. Too much time has passed, and Toby is numb.

"She took a piece of me when she left. It's like feeding an addict a drug, both potent and addictive. Once you have it, you immediately want more."

I loved seeing Toby slowly (very slowly) come to terms with everything and give Casey a chance. If I had one thing to say, it would be that I wanted more of them. I wish their reconnection didn't take as long and we got to see them together more than fighting.

This was very well written and a heartfelt story about two broken people finding their way back.

I really want a book about Ben!! 

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About J Lum:

J. Lum resides in the Northern Virginia area. While she calls Virginia home, she is constantly on the go. She’s got a constant case of #Wanderlust; most of the time, you can find her traveling around the world to see her book besties, or checking off her bucket list places. Her second home away from home is Hawaii, where her family is from. The love for the ocean runs through her veins. She also has a love of pugs, unicorns, and anything chocolate. She and coffee have been having a love affair for many years. And, if you don’t find her wandering around the world, she’s more than likely hanging with her pug, Lani.  

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