Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beginning With Forever (Forever #1) By: Lan LLP

Beginning with Forever (Forever #1)*Arc provided for an honest review*

First part of book 3 stars, second part 3.5.  Overall 3.5

Carson is a CEO of a pharmaceutical corporation, after an accident he ends up being rescued physically and emotionally by Lillian who is a young (10 years his junior) ambitious medical student. They meet in St. Croix where she is currently doing a medical residency. He thought his heart has been dead for fifteen years until he meets Lillian. He has an instant bond and connection to her and has decided he isn’t leaving the island until he acts on the feelings. He wants to give it one month to show her and him that what they have is real. She agrees because she is feeling the same connection but has never let anyone in and has been solely focused on school and becoming a doctor.
Lillian and Carson quickly let their hearts take them to a place neither of them have been nor felt in a long time. Obstacles are thrown at them and they have to stay strong and secure in their love and relationship to make it work, especially when they are thousands of miles apart.


 Why Richard? I don’t think what he did was worth redemption. I mean he just didn’t seem like the type of guy to do something like that. I know he was in love with Lily but it just didn’t fall into his character very well. As the book was coming to a conclusion I kept thinking they better call him out on this and Amelia should know and there were so many loose ends, I’m thinking ugh how is she going to tie this all up and then boom…to be continued. This is my biggest reason for the 3.5 stars. I enjoyed the story and the chemistry and am excited to continue for the next book but the whole thing with Richard was a major disappointment and I feel he got off too easy. I also think for someone that was so in love with Lily he jumped right into a relationship fairly quickly. I’m hoping the Richard thing will be addressed more in book 2.

Beautifully written book.

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