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New Release! Cinder the Fae by: Rebekah R. Ganiere. This one looks interesting!!

Orphaned shop girl Cinder, and Rome, the Prince of the Fae, 
have been best friends most of their lives. And she's loved him for just as long. But with the death of her father, she's now trapped as the sole breadwinner for her stepmother and half-sister– leaving little time for anything more than dreaming of getting away. 

Rome loves Cinder as well, but her free spirit and lack of noble blood have stood in the way of him doing something about it. That is until his father the King decrees a three-part contest will determine Rome's new bride. 

Even though Cinder possess more magick than has been seen in a hundred years, only those with the highest magickal blood are able to enter the contest; leaving Cinder out of the running for good. That is until a Fairy Grandmother steps in with a disguise and a plan. 

But a hidden Evil has been scheming for centuries and is vying to be more than just Rome's new bride. It wants all of Ville DeFee. 

Cinder's magick can stop those out to ruin her kingdom. But it may mean giving up her life to do it.

Silas’ back straightened and his shoulders bunched. He turned around slowly. His gaze fell heavily upon Cinder, but then he smiled genuinely.

A shiver crawled up Cinder’s spine.

“Lady Cinder, I hope you have a pleasant day.” He inclined his head and then strode from the shop.

As the door slammed shut, Rome let out a bark of laughter. “What a pompous ass.”

“He certainly is.” Cinder’s eyes stayed glued on the door as she stilled her anger.

Rome looked at her, and his smile fell. “What happened?” he demanded.

Cinder swallowed and met his gaze before looking away again. “Nothing.”

She picked up the lid to the jar of horehound candy and replaced it, then grabbed a cloth and scrubbed at a spot on the glass counter.
Rome continued to look over her. He had ever been her loyal protector. Standing up for her with anyone who dared to put her down or treat her as a lesser. But she didn’t need him getting in the middle of her battles. Not this time. She could handle herself.

He reached out and touched her face gently, placing his fingers just where Silas had before. Cinder swatted his hand away and rubbed her cheek. Rome’s eyes narrowed.

“Afa Kalinda Mae. He touched you.”

“No, he didn’t.” Cinder ground the cloth on the invisible spot. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Rome bite his bottom lip and scan the shop floor. She knew that look. He was replaying what he’d seen.


“I’m going to kill him.” He rushed to the door, but Cinder was right behind him.

“Dota. Don’t, Rome, please.” She grabbed him by the arm.

His handsome face twisted into a mask of anger.

“He had no right to lay a hand on you. He should be punished.”

“Please. If he reports me then I’ll have to go to a hearing for using magick on him. You know what could happen to me. And if I lose my father’s shop what will I have?” The begging coated her mouth like soapy water, making her stomach roil. But she knew this side of him. The royal side, the just side. His father’s side. She took his hand and squeezed it like she had when they were kids and scared.

After a minute, his face softened, and he squeezed her hand in return. “You always have a place to go, Cinder. I’d never let anything happen to you.”

His sincerity struck her hard in the heart.

She sat her fists on her hips and blew the hair from her eyes. “I know, but I can’t rely on you to get me out of trouble. What kind of reputation would I have then?”

He laughed. “Since when do you care what other people think?”

“I don’t, but it would be nice to marry someday, and who would want a woman with a tarnished reputation?”

“We’ve been friends forever. People know that.”

“Yes, but what kind of female friend gets the Prince to help her out of trouble with the law?” She wiggled her eyebrows at him.

Rome’s expression grew serious again. “You’ve never spoken of marriage before.”

She shrugged though her insides squirmed. She’d not thought about marriage much, except to Rome. But Silas had been right. Due to her father’s not claiming her as his heir before he died, she had little to no standing in the fae community at all. Men with higher bloodlines wouldn’t want a woman like her.

“Well I can’t spend forever waiting around for you to ask me, can I? Not that I’d say yes.” She joked.

A sly smile grew across Rome’s face. He brushed a hair behind her ear then ran his finger along the outside to the apex. “As if you would ever curb your independent side enough to be bound by the rules of being a princess.”

The tone of his voice struck her as serious, and something else replaced the playful glint in his eye. Like he was prodding her, testing her. She swallowed hard at his nearness and the desire to kiss him burned deep inside like it had ever since he’d kissed her in the field of sungolds ages ago.

“I might.” She leaned into him, taking in his wonderful, lemon balm scented cologne. “If the right prince came along.”

His face held mock offense. “Oh?” He grabbed her around the waist and brought her hips into contact with his. His deep blue gaze sucked her in. “Am I not the right prince?”

His words held the same teasing tone he always used, but his eyes were fixed on her like nothing else existed at that moment. What was he playing at?

In the past months, something had changed with him. Nothing she could put her finger on but his words seemed a bit more earnest at times and his actions more meaningful. All she could assume is that it had to do with his father’s desire for Rome to finally settle down.

The most eligible male in the kingdom, Rome was prone to flirting, but she knew what his life held. Parties, dignitaries, delegations, festivals, royal everything. Always on his best behavior. Always smiling and judicious and… a royal wife. One with grace and poise; one that didn’t break the law or combine her magick with a mage to help a human. And most importantly, that had pure blood. Blood was the most important. Always had been.

Which was why, no matter who her father had been, how close he’d been– or how close her step-uncle now was to the king, she would never be a princess.

So why did it feel like he was asking her if she was interested?

Her heart ached for him. Yes, Rome was judicious and a stickler for the law as the prince. But with her he was someone else altogether. He was funny and kind hearted. He always listened to her problems with her stepmother and offered logical advice. 
Something she herself wasn’t prone to giving. He never saw her as a commoner and treated her with respect. They’d shared every hope, every dream, every new beginning with each other. He knew her inside and out. Her good, her bad and her ugly, and he was still there for her.
She stared at his lush, full lips and wondered if they would taste the same as they had the time he’d kissed her, when they had played seek and find as children. She’d pushed him away then, afraid that he was only toying with her like she’d heard he had with other girls. And as he’d never tried again, she could only assume he had been testing the limits of their friendship.

“What’s going on here?” Came an angry voice from behind them.

Cinder stumbled as Rome let her go. Her stepmother came through the back curtain and walked to the counter. She took one look at Rome, and her anger melted away instantly.

“Why Prince Rome, I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you there. How are you this fine morning?” Cinder’s stepmother glided toward them, a toothy smile, wide as the moon, planted on her face.

Cinder stepped aside, bumping into a table of herbs, as her stepmother shoved a burgundy silk cloak into her arms. Cinder bowed and moved away to hang it up.

“Tell me, your highness, what can I get you today?”

Cinder peeked over her shoulder to see her stepmother link a slender arm in Rome’s and pull him into the middle of the room. His eyes never left Cinder’s, and her cheeks flushed with warmth as she walked to the back room. She bit back her shame of being treated so low in front of Rome and hung the cloak on a hook near the rear door. Then she lit a fire in the small stove and put on a kettle for tea.

She pulled up a stool and tended the fire, flicking sparks off her fingertips while listening to the chatter and light tinkle of laughter from her stepmother out front. Her heart sank, thinking of Rome and his offer to help her.

Her father had been an advisor to the king. But since her father’s unexpected death, five years before, Cinder had been forced to be the breadwinner for her stepmother and half sister. Her father came from a respectable bloodline, and he’d taught her everything he knew about magick, as well as herbs. He’d left her stepmother the apothecary, but the woman knew nothing about running it. Fancy parties and charming men she could do but providing for herself and her daughter was beneath her.

The curtain was thrown aside, and Cinder’s head whipped up. Her stepmother’s eyes narrowed on her, and Cinder’s gaze traveled toward the shop floor. Had a customer arrived? She hadn’t heard the bell ring.

“Prince Rome would like to speak to you about his grandmother.”

“All right.” Cinder swallowed hard and kept her eyes on the floor. She crossed to the curtain, biting her tongue to keep from saying what she really wanted to. Her stepmother grabbed her by the arm, digging long nails through her thin dress and into her skin. 

Cinder’s gaze caught her stepmother’s and for a second she could swear the woman’s eyes flashed red.

“Remember your place, girl. You are nothing more than the product of a fling with a seductress. Only I and my daughter Olivia carry the name of Rondell.”

Cinder dropped eyes again, and her ribcage squeezed her like one of her stepmother’s magick corsets. How could she forget her place when she had so many people willing to remind of her of it? The slashes to her pride burned white hot.

“Yes, Stepmother.”

The woman gave a guttural, wheezy hiss and Cinder had to remind herself her stepmother wasn’t a snake. “How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that? Are you dense?”

“No, Lady Sabine.”
Sabine thrust a parchment with a list into Cinder’s hand then brushed past her, grabbed her cloak and headed for the back door. “Bring those potions by the house when you break for lunch. I have some clients coming in that need them. And it’s a complete mess back here. You are to straighten up before tomorrow.”

“Yes, Lady Sabine.”

Sabine’s gaze raked over Cinder. “Tomorrow, see that you wear something nicer as well. I don’t want anyone thinking that I can’t afford to keep you well enough. And please, for the sake of the gods, put some shoes on those hideously enormous feet of yours.”

Cinder crossed her bare feet and swallowed but said nothing as Sabine swung her cloak around her and stepped out the back door. She tried to keep her anger contained, but the blue tendrils of magick had already begun to swell within her, like a floating lantern.

It was Cinder and her magick that kept both the shop and her stepmother in style. Without her magick, Sabine would be forced to do the work herself. If anyone looked as if they couldn’t afford nice clothing, it was Cinder herself.

For the first time, the desire to run away crossed Cinder’s thoughts. It would be hard out in the world of Fairelle, and she would miss Rome all of her days, but perhaps the Gwyn brothers would help her. They’d ever been kind to her and more like family than her own. Her ribcage squeezed, Ville DeFee was her home. So why did she never feel like she belonged there?

Rome peeked through the curtain into the back room and glanced around. “Is it safe? Did she go?”

Cinder sighed. “She’s gone.” She walked to her flat shoes and picked them up, looking at them. “Do you think my feet are hideously enormous?”

Rome chuckled. “What?”

“Nothing.” She slid them on.

Rome shook his head and stepped in. He folded his arms and leaned against the back room wall.

“I don’t know how you do it, Cinder, I really don’t. I couldn’t put up with a woman like that.”

Anger pierced her, and the need to stand up for her stepmother crossed her thoughts. But she couldn’t pretend. Not with Rome. He knew here too well. “She and Livy are all I have. Even if she doesn’t want me,” she finally said.

The bell rang, and several sets of footsteps entered.

“I need to go,” she said.

“Me too,” he said. “But I’m going to bring my grandmother in tomorrow. She’s got a cough that worries me. And I wanted to speak to you about something. Something important.”

“You can tell me now.”

He shook his head. “No. I want to do it when we have a bit of time.”
She planted a forced smile on her face. “I’ll be here.”

Rome wrapped her in a hug and kissed the top of her head. “It’ll get better. I promise.”

Her cheek brushed against his chest, and the scent of him made her eyes close as she inhaled.

If only she knew who her mother had been. If only her father hadn’t died before claiming her as his heir and giving her his name. If only she’d tried harder to win his affections. If only, if only, if only…

“Helloooooo?” Came a call from the front of the shop.

Cinder backed away. If only I were someone else.

He shot her his winning smile and pointed at her. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

She nodded and ambled to the curtain.

“And Cinder?”

She glanced back.

“Your feet aren’t hideously enormous. Only moderately enormous.”
She flicked her fingers and a hand towel flew off the workbench in his direction. He ducked out the rear door, and the towel hit the glass window instead of his face.

He laughed as she glared at him. A smile snuck across her face, and she shook her head before going to the front of the store.

If only she’d let him kiss her again and again when they were young.

Rebekah is an Award Winning Bestselling Author. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings, hit the bestseller list the first day, in January 2014. Her Fairelle Series, released in May 2014 and has won several awards including the Golden Palm and a finalist for Rone Award. Her trilogy The Society was released by Kensington in 2014 and her new series Shifter Rising is releasing in 2016 from Samhain Press.
Rebekah is currently working on six series in the Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-fi genres. She has five books releasing in 2016.
Rebekah is the President Elect of the FF&P Chapter. In her spare time when she isn't writing you can find her teaching on or at RWA. Rebekah also cosplays with her kids and is a guest speaker and panelist at San Diego Comic Con and Salt Lake Comic Con and several other Comic Cons on the west coast as well as LTUE, Romantic Times Convention, and Authors After Dark.

Red the Were Hunter (Book 1)

Snow the Vampire Hunter (Book 2)

Zelle and the Tower (Book 3)

Jamen's Yuletide Bride (Book 4)

Cover Reveal! Order Of Fear by: Lisa Caviness

Sometimes fear is all that keeps you alive.
A senior account and future bride, Marissa Nash likes order, and she expects all the pieces of her life to add up. Her bottom line is skewed after she discovers her fiancĂ© has been unfaithful. When Marissa walks in to the unexpected—David dead and her dog, Halo, agitated and restless, she finds her nightmare is only beginning.
David's unenthused best man and traumatized former Army doctor, Justin Tanner understands that a wedding means more than a toast and a kiss. His reluctance stems from feelings that run deeper than they should for the bride. But when he finds Marissa cradling his best friend's lifeless body, can he find a way to suppress his feelings as they uncover David’s secret world?
The seemingly pointless murder launches Marissa and Justin into a wicked web of lies, delusion and danger at the hands of a powerful and psychotic foe.
Murder, passion, evil—who will survive?
about the author
As a lifelong reader of an eclectic pool of books from mystery/thrillers, science fiction, contemporary romance, and the classics, Lisa Caviness has never been without a book on the nightstand. Like many writers, she started crafting stories as a child. However, creativity took a back seat to her career in pharmaceutical and medical device research. In 2013, Lisa decided to get serious about writing and joined Romance Writers of America, and later Sisters in Crime. The education she has received has been invaluable but more importantly the support from fellow writers has enriched her in thrilling and unexpected ways.
Lisa is originally from Ohio but has lived in Massachusetts and is currently settled in Indiana with her husband and three children.
She writes romantic suspense.
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New Teaser Alert! Are you ready to get Dirty?

Dirty is Book One in Kylie Scott’s Dive Bar Series releasing April 19th!

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New Release! Dodging Trains by Sunniva Dee...Excerpt, review and giveaway!

Dodging Trains
Sunniva Dee
Publication date: March 29th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
I was twelve when a stranger at a train station taught me the meaning of ugly. He forced himself on me and threatened to kill my family if I told.
I stayed silent and the ugliness grew.
Now, that word rolls in film clips through my mind. All I’ve done since my best friend, Keyon Arias, left town is cement how ugly I am. Ugly on the inside—deep down to my core. On the outside… I am a Vixen. I flash men a smile and make them moan out pleasure I control.
Not them. Never them.
After five years of being away, my beautiful boy has come back to town for his father’s masquerade ball. He’s different. Hard muscle supersedes the skin and bone of his once boyish frame. One thing hasn’t changed though: the murderous look in his eyes when he slaughters his opponents. In the ring, I see the bullied boy, all grown up, dominating in ways he couldn’t in high school.
He’s the mayor’s son. The rising MMA fighter. The beautiful one.
I’m not the Paislee Cain of before, not the sweet girl he once knew, the one who chased away his bullies. I’m the town slut. The dirty girl whose shame will never fade no matter how many men I use. He’d disown what I’ve become.
Because beautiful can never love ugly.
My Review (ARC provided)
5 stars!

Wow Sunniva didn't pull any stops with this book. If you think you're going to get a typical alpha male MMA fighter book you are wrong my friends, this book is so much more than that. This book has so much depth. The characters are vulnerable and deeply flawed. This is a sad story I'll tell you that right away, be prepared to be upset. It's a beautifully written book that captures the torment both the hero and heroine put themselves through so well. These two poor souls have tormented themselves for so long because of something that was out of their control.
"That being raped is a chronic disease, and I've caught it, and I'll never be in remission."
Unfortunately we live in a cruel world where things like this happen all the time. Of course we get a little humor thrown in here and there but not as much in Sunniva's previous books, it's a much darker read. I loved it though, I loved the friendship and love Paislee (h) and Keyon (H) had for one another.

Paislee has been badly hurt and because of that hurt she uses her beauty to control men. Keyon has been badly bullied and hurt and because of that became a strong and fierce person not to be messed with. He uses that power to control. The two reunite after several years but so many things have changed, their love still remains but will they be able to give up their control? Both feel they are not worthy and both have to fight their demons.

"Because the night can't inflict pain when you've mastered what could have been the devil."

Oh and this title was genius it couldn't have been more perfect!

"They didn't know train stations devour harmony, that I was worthless, and that I held onto sanity by willpower only."

Keyon starts to give Paislee reassurance that she is not only beautiful on the outside but the inside too. Paislee is convinced he couldn't ever love the ugly person she is but Keyon helps her to fill whole again.

"All of these are different facets of how beautiful you are through to your very marrow."

This is another wonderfully written story by Sunniva. I highly recommend.

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DT weight cut teaser
I’ve been on a one-track rail to landing Paislee in my bed since she got off the plane. Not that it’s been planned, but I convinced her that Pizza Pazza in Tampa is better than Mamma Lucia’s in Calceth. I told her about Simon during dinner, one thing led to another, and here I am unlocking the door to my duplex and letting her enter first.
She hasn’t commented on how we took my car from her hotel, how she’s basically dependent on me and my whims. But hey, I’m fucked too; it wasn’t my choice to have someone fill my head, and I didn’t ask that person to come to Florida.
We haven’t talked about tomorrow’s schedule, but I’m going to the rich dude’s house with her. He could be a total freak for all I know, so she’s not facing him alone.
“Oooh,” she whispers through a reverent puff of air like she’s never seen a cat before. Simon’s playing it up too, slinking around the corner with all the grace in the universe, stroking the doorjamb with a hip before he meanders over to us. “He’s soooo beautiful.”
“He’s just a regular old black street cat,” I say, but by the wink she shoots me, she doesn’t buy it. She read me back when too. “’Kay, fine: Simon’s awesome. Straight up the best pelt ever.”
“Pelt? You ass,” she giggles as she pets him from the top of his head and down the length of his body to his tail. Simon lifts it, happy. Any minute now, he’ll crank the volume on his purr-machine.
“Wow, he purrs loud.”
And there. For a cat, he’s being unexpectedly predictable.
“He loves the ladies,” I say, which makes her giggle more. I love to make her giggle. When she stands up again, I pull her in with one arm, fingers splayed across her spine. Firm breasts press against me, and I groan a little.
She puffs another laugh, all Simon’s fault. He’s gotten to the part of the agenda where he’s going to cramp my style. His purrs reach us from the floor, and he’s scissoring in and out between both of our legs.
“Never mind him. Look at me,” I whisper. Let my thumb and forefinger slide over her chin. The amusement recedes from her eyes when she sees that I mean business. I’m hardening. She yelps. Then she laughs out loud.
“Simon, quit it!” I say, exasperated, and bend to unhook his claws from the fabric over her knees. “I’m sorry. You see how it is now, right?
Simon’s the ass in this house. I should sell him to the highest bidder. Fifty cents flat will do. Come to think of it—I’ve got fifty cents in my pocket,” I say, kissing her down the corridor. “I could pay someone to take him. ‘Perfectly good cat with a year’s worth of free cat food.’”
Obviously, I’m digging my own grave here. There’s no hot lovemaking when your girl’s laughing so hard she’s about to pee herself.
DT blitz teaser 1

Author Bio:
Between studies, teaching, and advising, Sunniva has spent her entire adult life in a college environment. Most of her novels are new adult romance geared toward smart, passionate readers with a love for eclectic language and engaging their brain as well as their heart while reading.
Born in the Land of the Midnight Sun, the author spent her early twenties making the world her playground. Southern Europe: Spain, Italy, Greece--Argentina: Buenos Aires, in particular. The United States finally kept her interest, and after half a decade in Los Angeles, she now lounges in the beautiful city of Savannah.
Sometimes, Sunniva writes with a paranormal twist (Shattering Halos, Stargazer, and Cat Love). At other times, it's contemporary (Pandora Wild Child, Leon's Way, Adrenaline Crush, Walking Heartbreak, and Dodging Trains, coming in late March 2016).
This author is the happiest when her characters let their emotions run off with them, shaping her stories in ways she never foresaw. She loves bad-boys and good-boys run amok, and like in real life, her goal is to keep the reader on her toes until the end of each story.

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Cover Reveal! Beauty Within by: Krissy V


Beauty Within

by Krissy V
Release Date: April 26, 2016
Hosted by: 2 Girls a Book & a Glass of Wine
Front cover BW
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bw 5


Two months ago Faith’s life wasn’t perfect, but she knew what she wanted … she knew who she wanted AND she knew what she would have to do to get him. But how drastically would SHE have to change to have him to herself? When Faith’s life changes in a blink of an eye, is she finally able to make those changes in her life to get the man of her dreams? Who would have thought that someone’s death could change the course of her life so dramatically? Follow her journey of self-discovery. Does she find true love … or does it find her …?

About The Author

  I am a mother to two young children, who in turn keep me young. I live in Dublin, Ireland but, I’m originally from South Devon in the UK. I work full time in a pharmacy and write in all my spare time: in my lunch hour, when watching TV at night and anywhere. I have always been interested in reading from a young age and then 2 years ago I was given a kindle as a present and it was the best thing that happened to me. I was able to read lots of books ever week and then I started to write reviews for all the books I read. I took this one step further and started my own facebook page – Sparkling Pink Bookshelf. I intended to upload all of my reviews for the books I read. This was purely for pleasure and then I answered a post on Facebook for someone to read for reviews and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I was reading about 7/8 books a week, the kindle made this achievable. I would read at any opportunity I could, even staying up til the small hours to finish a book. I loved it. Then one day I was asked to beta read a book – I loved this side of it, it was so exciting. I have worked with a number of indie authors and have remained loyal to a few select authors and I beta read all their After a year or more of doing this, I thought maybe I could write some of the stories that were in my head and I just decided to write and see what happened. I wrote about 70% of a story and then saw a post for the NaNoWriMo competition – to write 50,000 words in 30 days, I decided that this was a challenge I wanted to take and the Til Death Us Do Part series was born. I am always thinking of situations that can be turned into a story and have started a few stories, which in turn will be completed and released to my readers. I love to hear what my readers have to say about my work and please find my links below. Thank you for your support and I hope you enjoy this series of books as much as I enjoyed writing them. 11406804_1608742806034337_2206921130416523594_n Social links: Check out other books by Krissy V on Amazon: Author page: Twitter: Blog: 12729168_1138381936181265_4414859193140925508_n

Claddagh Author Event Dublin 2016

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Blog tour stop and review! 7 Months (a time for love series) by: Bethany Lopez

Release Date: Mar 24, 2016


7 Months (Time for Love, book 7) By Bethany Lopez Contemporary Romance


7 MONTHS Synopsis:

Tough, dry-witted, and intelligent, Ming has worked her whole life to be a successful lawyer, great friend, and dutiful daughter. Her focus has been on her career, but now she's thirty-five, and the last of her friends to be single. Ming knows what she needs... A man who communicates, who won't be intimidated by her position, a partner. She knows this, but all she wants is him...

After working side by side with his brother, Brock for years, Brady has followed his dream and become a police officer. Protecting and serving comes naturally to him, it's what he was born to do, which is why he doesn't know what to do with a woman who doesn't need his strength and protection.

For 7 Months, Ming has accepted what Brady had to offer, secret nights of passion with no hope of a relationship,. But feelings have developed, and now she wants more. When Brady doesn't want things to change, Ming has to decide if being with the man she loves is worth sacrificing everything she wants.

My Review (ARC provided)

4-4.5 stars

Ahhh (insert sigh) I love these brothers! Somehow after reading every book in this series I missed 3 Seconds which really disappointed me. As soon as I finished this book I bought it and read that one too. These are standalone's but I do like to read in order. This series has not let me down even though I didn't get the order right.

Brady (H) is kind of an introvert his only interest is his family and job. He has been having a fling with Ming (h) his sister-in-law’s best friend. They have been having casual sex now for seven months. He feels she’s too independent and strong for him. He likes being the “hero” and taking care of people. He is a police officer and used to the role.

Ming (h) is older, beautiful, strong and smart. She is an attorney and works very hard. She’s in a position to become partner and doesn’t need distraction. The problem is, is that she’s falling for Brady but she thinks he has eyes for someone else.  She also wants to get him to come out of his shell a bit and talk about himself and his feelings.

What will happen when Ming wants to take their casual affair to the next level?

I am so in love with the relationship these brothers have. I could read about them all day. I also love the friendships that have formed throughout this series. Bethany always throws glimpses of everyone and I love that.

This book is a quick sexy read. I’m still hoping to get a book about Carson!

I recommend!  
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    7 Months Teaser 4

Get each book in the Time for Love series 

8 Weeks (Time for Love, #1) | Amazon

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10 Years (Time for Love, #5) | Amazon

3 Seconds (Time for Love, #6) | Amazon

7 Months (Time for Love, #7) | Amazon



A1nt0F1SfnL._UX250_ Sign up for my Newsletter for more information about my writing: Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She's a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn't reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers. Bethany Lopez is represented by Marisa Corvisiero of Corvisiero Literary Agency.
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